Our Results

The majority of Connective Learning students are children, and generally they progress at a faster rate than adults. The rate of learning also varies according to which aspects of dyslexia are affecting the student, the severity of their symptoms and how far behind their peers they are.  After attending 25 Connective Learning sessions over a 3-4 month period, twice-weekly students have gained, on average, 9 months in their reading and spelling ages.


Here are a few examples of the wealth of lovely feedback received at the Kelsall Connective Learning Dyslexia Centre:

“A big thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for all the work you have done with R.  We were thrilled when you shared his amazing results with us on Wednesday, and we cannot contain our delight at his fantastic progress over his time with you all, in both reading and spelling.  Your approach has given him the tools to allow accelerated progression at literacy activities, and the whole team have also given him back his confidence that he has the capability to succeed.  Words do not seem enough to express our gratitude, or our thankfulness that we live close to, and have found, such a haven of excellence.  Thank you.”

“Well, what can we say?  A huge WOW and THANK YOU!  You have worked a real life miracle with our little trooper.  He has massively increased in ability, aptitude and confidence in the three short months he has been with you. We cannot thank you enough.”

“We have really appreciated all your help and been amazed with her progress.  The programme has filled her with confidence.”

“His reading and spelling is nothing short of miraculous compared to when he started with you.  You are all so professional and kind.”

“Thank you ever so much for all of the time, energy, love and support you have poured out for N.  He certainly has progressed in his reading, writing/spelling and speech, and you each are a part of the puzzle that helped him along.  We thank you all sincerely, and from the bottom of our hearts for this.  It will carry him into senior school, beyond and for the rest of his life.  With much gratitude …”

“Thank you so much for helping me through the hard times I’ve had. I’m so glad I came to the Centre, the way it has helped me and will help so many others.”

“She has gained a huge amount of confidence, together with massive improvement in her reading and writing.”

“I feel much more confident in class when I put up my hand. Thank you for all your help.”

“I don’t know what he would have done without you.”

“Always warm, friendly and encouraging, it has been a pleasure to meet you all. L has benefited immensely from this experience and is now well equipped to continue his studies.”

“We can’t thank you enough for giving her the skills and self belief to try and then to succeed.  As a parent, learning whilst having fun and enjoying being taught is all we wanted for her ….. and you gave it to her”

“I have learned lots and lots.  It has been a great time to work with you all and also very fun!  I hope you will keep helping people but in a very very fun way.  I will miss my amazing Fridays!”

“You have all helped to make his next step in life easier.”

many more available!