Important features of the Connective Learning method are:

  • Multi-sensory
  • Computer-based – no books or pens
  • Colour is used to help with visual processing and adds an extra stimulus for visual memory
  • Students given control of the learning process, rather than being taught in the conventional sense
  • Programme adapted to the individual needs of each student
  • Students progress at their own rate, without pressure
  • Enjoyable and interesting
  • Highly supportive learning environment which is also quite different to school
  • Students always placed at a level where they are able to succeed and build on existing knowledge and ability
  • Highly structured, thorough and cumulative programme content
  • Empathetic, friendly atmosphere
  • One-to-one tutor-to-student ratio
  • Further assessments every 25 sessions, to monitor progress
  • No homework
  • Very effective – on average, twice-weekly students gain 9 months in their reading and spelling ages after attending 25 sessions (which takes 3-4 months)
  • Improvements are permanent