Our Tutors

It is not necessary for our tutors to be qualified teachers – a central feature of the Connective Learning method is that the students draw their learning from the computer, rather than by being taught. The tutors are trained, in-house, to guide students through the programme and facilitate learning, and they share a vast amount of literacy knowledge. The tutors have empathy with dyslexic students and quickly build up good rapport; they are consistently caring, supportive, friendly and kind. The quality of delivery of the programme is constantly monitored and is to the highest standard.

Isabel McIntyre

Founder and Principal of the Connective Learning Dyslexia Centre, holds the Hornsby Diploma in Specific Learning Difficulties (Dyslexia) and is an Associate Member of the Dyslexia Guild. She is in close daily contact with Centre staff, advising on technique and promoting best practice.

Sam Palfreyman – Centre Manager

Sam has long experience as a qualified teacher, including several periods of working one-to-one with students with additional educational needs.  Since joining the Centre in April 2019, Sam has loved working in this alternative environment and found great satisfaction in helping to make such a difference to the lives of our students and their families.  She is a skilled and empathetic tutor and, working in close cooperation with Isabel, she ensures the smooth-running of the Centre, organises staffing, assesses student’s reading and spelling progress and plans ongoing programmes of work.

Kate Foxton – Centre Deputy Supervisor

Kate is a patient and nurturing tutor and is committed to giving students the very best of help and advice.  She holds a Level 3 Diploma in Supporting Teaching in Schools, with Special Educational Needs and also works part-time in primary schools as a Teaching Assistant. 

Jane Parker

Jane has built up great expertise working in the Centre since 2002 and is a dedicated and committed tutor. In addition, she has been a highly-valued volunteer in schools, helping pupils to improve their literacy skills.

All Connective Learning staff have been checked by the Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) at an Enhanced level.