What it costs

Fees are currently as follows:

Twice-weekly one-hour session £30.00 (per session)
Once-weekly one-hour session £31.50

(Twice-weekly attendance is very strongly recommended. Poor short-term memory is often a symptom of dyslexia and a too-long gap between sessions can lead to some of the learning being lost, which will obviously hamper progress. Students can be disheartened and discouraged when progress is slow and, for this reason, we give a reduced rate for twice-weekly attendance, as shown above. Once per week is good, but twice per week is more than twice as good and results in a shorter and cheaper course in the long run.)

Fees are payable monthly, in advance. An invoice is issued towards the end of each month, for payment on or before the student’s first session of the following month.

Holiday Allowances

Fees for the month of August 50% discount
May/June half-term week 50% discount
October half-term week 50% discount
Christmas/New Year (about 2 weeks)   No charge (Centre closed)
Bank Holidays No charge (Centre closed)

The above discounts are given regardless of when holiday is actually taken and no other discount or credit is given.

If for any reason a student is unable to attend their session, we appreciate prior notification as early as possible, to assist with our staffing plans and help keep our fees as low as possible. If you know you/your child will be unable to attend on your/his/her usual day one week, we will be pleased to offer an alternative within the same week, if a slot is available.

We request that parents collect children promptly at the end of sessions, to help avoid problems with the changeover of students.