“It has been amazing to see the progress in spelling and reading [name] has made over the 10 months she has been coming to Connective Learning. She enjoys the sessions and everyone is so friendly and supportive. We were very impressed with how you were able to move the lessons online over the lockdown period. This enabled [name] to keep progressing even when she wasn’t at school.  Thanks so much!”


Kelsall Connective Learning (previously Connective Learning Dyslexia Centre) has delivered expert dyslexia tuition since it was established in 1999. Over the intervening years, hundreds of people with dyslexia have been helped to improve their reading, writing, spelling and communication skills and to increase their confidence and self-esteem.

The multi-sensory, computerised, Connective Learning programme is suitable for both children and adults (whether dyslexic or not) at any level. It is a simple-to-use method, based on students working their way through a series of easy and enjoyable exercises on the computer, working at their own rate and without pressure.

The method involves the use of the eyes, ears, speech organs, fingers and muscles so that the brain receives the same “message” from a variety of pathways. Multi-sensory methods have long been recognised as the best way for people with dyslexia to learn. When combined with interactive computer technology, staff expertise and a highly supportive one-to-one learning environment, these methods are extremely effective.

Sessions are held in The Old Telephone Exchange on weekday afternoons, between 4pm and 7pm. Students usually attend two one-hour sessions per week. Results are outstanding and, in many cases, the effects are life-altering; this offers a happier future to anyone who struggles with reading and writing (and their families).