Last updated 19th July 2021

Upon arrival at Kelsall Connective Learning Centre:

  • Parents must wait with their child at a designated point on the driveway and the child will be collected by their tutor. Parents are not permitted to enter the Centre while distancing rules are being enforced.
  • Please be patient with us whilst we change-over students. This is to ensure that students visiting together in one appointment, are not in the centre at the same time as the next students.
  • Students will not be accepted into the Centre if they seem unwell in any way.  This includes but is not limited to the following symptoms:
    • Students showing any symptoms associated with Covid-19.
    • Any child who has had a stomach upset must wait 48 hours before attending the Centre.
    • Children who have been off sick, or sent home, from school that day must not attend the Centre.
    • Children, or children of a household, who are self-isolating MUST NOT attend the Centre until the 10 day isolation period has passed, or a negative test result has been received.

While students are attending Kelsall Connective Learning Centre:

  • A minimum of 1 metre social distance will be maintained between both students & students, and students & tutors.
  • As of Monday 19th July, it would be our strong preference that students continue to wear face masks whilst inside the centre to protect everybody.
  • Students are welcome to bring their own drinks, as long as they are contained in a non-spill bottle/cup.  
  • Students will be asked to wash their hands regularly whilst they are at the Centre and use hand sanitiser upon arrival. This will be available throughout their lesson.
  • All equipment and surfaces will be thoroughly disinfected between each lesson.

Upon leaving the Kelsall Connective Learning Centre:

  • At the end of each lesson/collection of students, parents must wait at a designated point on the driveway. Parents are not permitted to enter the Centre while distancing rules are being enforced.